Low-Maintenance Landscaping Plants

One of the best ways to make your new home feel like it’s truly yours is to pick out your own landscaping. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it sounds, and I’ve got some suggestions for easy-to-grow plants that will keep your weekends free of any extra yard work.

Check out these easy-to-care-for plants that will turn your yard into the talk of the town:

Smoke Tree
Plant smoke trees in full sun and average garden soil that drains easily. With purple leaves that turn scarlet in the fall, smoke trees can be grown as large deciduous shrubs or small trees.

Known for their fragrant spring flowers, peonies should be planted in the spring or fall, in full sun, and need well-drained soil mixed with compost or other organic material. Work in a bit of fertilizer at planting.

A clumping ground cover with grass-like foliage and blue-violet summer flowers, liriope stays evergreen in mild winter climates. It’s especially great on hard-to-mow-slopes and is drought-tolerant once established. Plus, deer and rabbits usually leave it alone.

Feather Reed Grass
With its reddish-brown, feathery stalks, ornamental grasses like this add color and movement to a landscape. Plant feather reed grass in full sun or light shade in hot weather climates, with rich, moist soil.

These easy-to-maintain shrubs are evergreen with yellow-green foliage that turns bronze-orange in fall and winter. Junipers need well-drained soil and should be planted in early spring.

When it comes to setting the scene for your home’s exterior, these plants will have your yard humming in no time.

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