Home Maintenance Hacks to Make Life Easier

Cleaning and maintaining your home doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Incorporate these “hacks” into your plans and see how much easier home maintenance can be.

Caulking Made Easy
Try this tip to keep your next caulking job neat and clean. Place a strip of painter’s tape above and below the area you need to be caulked. Caulk the area and peel the tape away while the caulk is still wet. All the mess goes on the tape.

Fasten a Tennis Ball to Your Mop Handle
Attach a fuzzy tennis ball to the end of your mop handle, and whenever you find a tough scuff mark, flip the mop over and use the tennis ball to buff the mark from the floor.

Easy Spackle
If your drywall cracks, make a spackling compound by mixing a small amount of baking soda with glue.

Loosen Stubborn Nails
The next time a stubborn nail refuses to come out during a DIY project, try this tip. Using a hairdryer to warm the nail causes it to expand creating a larger hole. After the nail cools and returns to normal size, you can easily remove it.

Repair Windows
If you have a small hole or crack in your windows, fill the space with clear nail polish. It prevents the hole/crack from spreading when the temps drop below freezing.
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